sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008

Youthful politics

The victory of youthful politics over its senior version. In today's world, youth is to reign over any other human virtue. Its power prevails over wisdom, experience and intellectual education. Fashion and modelling, advertising, TV journalism, sport and now politics too. The main case against John McCain is precisely his age. 72 years old is too much for the eternally young America. Barack Obama, 46, is the other side of the coin: young, full of life and bringin nerve into the American stagnant political system he looks ideal for the vacancy. Youth vs age was the decisive factor in David Cameron's win over David Davis in the Tory primary back in 2006. Another David, David Miliband, the young British foreign minister, burnt onto the political stage with an article penned in The Guardian standing for renovation. Despite waiting for more than 10 years to get into Number 10,, Gordon Brown political momentum is over: he is 54. Too old to lead a country, people are suggesting. Miliband vs Cameron seems to be the next duel... are they worthy of Mrs Thatcher, Churchill and Clement Attlee? They are young, that's all. When metrosexuality politics?